Writer's Block

Hello out there, 

Hope you're all had a good week and preparing for the weekend. 

Over here's been a bunch of housekeeping. Running errands, cleaning around the apartment, exercising, et cetra.

I'm definitely feeling a bit drained to be creative- which is a bit of a bummer. Not the most inspired to put notation on my computer, words on paper or even pick up my saxophone. This is a reality for writers who depend on creating crunchy, confectious content for the commons to consume.

Have you been feeling similarly lately? Whatever your profession may be.


Ive got writer’s block,
Thoughts put away,
With a key pad,
And combination lock,
Ideas don’t pass the gate,
They seem frozen in time,
And even when they flow,
They do at a glacial rate,
Like hitting a brick wall,
I keep hitting my noggin’
But keep hitting I will,
Io I can get out of this stall.

Maybe that gives you a bit of an idea of what it's like. Perhaps not so much- but in my defense, what is there to say when you've got writer's block? 

The next post will be more inspiring than a simple poem on the topic of creative slowdown. 

Have a safe, great weekend whatever you are doing. 

Much love, 

Wow, look at all these ideas! Photo cred. Alex Chen

Wow, look at all these ideas!
Photo cred. Alex Chen

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