Why "Fat Kid"?

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Holy Toledo, it's December already! It's cliché, but time really seems to accelerate the older you get. 

Anyhow, as preparation for the album is accelerating as well. While doing posts and word-of-mouth plugging I have gotten a fair number of people asking why the group's name is Fat Kid Big Band. I'd like to use this post to give the of back story to our name.

In the late 2000's in Montréal I studied music in university and lived there for several years. It was there that I formed a group with two close classmates and friends. Eric was the bass player and Fred was the drummer, I played sax. Being music students, we spent a lot of time after classes and into the night practicing at school. Eric and myself were a couple of the students who were at the music building the most often and for the longest hours. Naturally being there for so long almost every day of the week, I spent a lot of time also chatting, getting coffee and going on cigarette breaks with the other like-minded students who stayed behind to learn their craft.

It is still crystal clear in my mind. One night, Eric and I were sitting on an old bench in the music building hallway between practice sessions and were talking. We learned that we both were from immigrant families and had similar upbringing. We both left a business degree background and also had common points on our outlook on music.

At the time, I personally had a grievance that many of our peers were playing the most complicated music they could. This is alright, but what got to me was the lack of appreciation that easy-to-listen-to, soulful jazz music seemed to be getting. Eric had similar gripes and over the next few days and weeks, we spent a lot of time jamming together with the drummer Fred. We had clicked right away musically and decided to form a group. 

But we had no name yet. With such a saturation of musical acts in Montréal alone, it had to be something simple, catchy and fun- like our music... Fat Kid.

Please allow me to break it down:

Fat- if one were to eat a large quantity the result is clear. Getting fat, which is a guilty pleasure for many. Also, Fat like the fat sound we strive for.

Kid- an expert in playing, freedom, having simple, untethered fun.

The name is easy to remember, easy to visualize and also has proved to be a good conversation starter. 

Over the next couple years, we continued to play as a unit in school. Even after our beloved drummer Fred had left to pursue a career in professional rock climbing and opening a gym, Eric and myself had found new members to continue performing with. 

Upon graduation, Fat Kid had regular and corporate gigs and was playing regularly around Montréal. One piece of feedback we got regularly was something to the vein of 'wow, I don't usually listen to jazz, but I like you guys!' I think the answer to why people felt this way is clear. 

Fat Kid was born out of the desire to play jazz the way it was originally intended. 

With infectious rhythm and dedication to musicianship, Fat Kid Big Band is a torchbearer in the tradition of jazz music.

If you have read this far, wow, thank you! The release date of the album has been set now. There will be more and more content in the next while leading up to January. 

In the meantime have a great day, stay warm/ cool (depending on your hemisphere) and be well. 


The first logo we had. Oh, the memories.

The first logo we had. Oh, the memories.

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