Aug. 3rd + Boucler la Boucle

It feels good to be back in Montréal. Especially during the summer.

This time, I am back to perform with the full Fat Kid Big Band @ Diese Onze (4115 St Denis St.) on Aug. 3, 22:00. 

The show will feature some new arrangements and tunes from our album New Beginnings.


The full lineup of excellent Montréal musicians is as follows:

Anuschka Wright (vx.)

Tevet Sela (sax) Jeremy Joe
Sandfelder (sax)

Al McLean (sax) Melissa Pipe (sax)

Fréd Bourgeault (tpt.) Rémi Cormier (tpt.)

Hichem Khalfa (tpt.) Martine Labbé (tpt.)

Alex Desjardins (tbn.) Karine Gordon (tbn.)

Taylor Donaldson (tbn.) Olivier Lizotte (b. tbn.)

Matt Mignogna (gtr.) Diomer Gonzalez (perc.)

Alex Bellegarde (bass) Martin Auguste (ds)


So yes. Boucler la Boucle (“full circle” en français)

Just about 10 years ago, I moved to Montréal to study music at the post-secondary level.

Since then, finished my degree, played in a few bands, worked a few jobs, traveled, fallen in (and out of) love, etc.

[In other words, made mistakes big, medium and small and learned from (most) of them.]

During the last 5 or so years, I have been out of country. Aside from recording the album, I didn’t perform, jam, or even woodshed all that much.

[In other words: continuing to discover new mistakes and learning from them. Also, while attempting to implement knowledge from the plethora of previous mistakes.]

Coming full circle though, I am back in Montréal. I wrote a bunch of scores, have rehearsed with the group and am excited to perform.

Anyhow… if you have read this far, thank you.

I’ll it at here for now.

Have a nice rest of your day.

Hopefully see you Saturday,


Luke HorimotoComment